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Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are just useless slabs of wood and glass without the right hardware. At Farm & Home Supply, you can purchase a variety of tools and hardware for windows and doors. We specialize in Plexiglass doors and windows with accessories for installing these mechanisms or making them more functional. Equip your Plexiglass door with safety hasps, ornamental door pulls, surface bolts, gate latches or draw catches for smooth operating and secure closing. If the latches on a sliding Plexiglass window have broken, replace them with cam sash locks that hold both in a shut position.

Before the weather gets too cold or too hot, use our door and window weatherproofing products to keep the elements where they should be. Foam insulating tape, air conditioner seals, rope caulk, felt weather strips, plastic sheeting and door sheets will save you money on heating and cooling costs. We even carry air conditioner covers so you don't need to take the A/C out in bad weather. Our door and window accessories come from Hillman, Dennis and other leading home hardware brands and can be used on everything from front doors and screen doors to kitchen cabinets.