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Heaters & Wood Stoves

As much as you love the warmth of a roaring fire, you can't exactly take that fireplace with you into the bedroom. Or your garage or livestock barn, for that matter - work needs to get done, and it doesn't care about the weather.

That's why we offer a large line of home heaters, portable heaters, wood stoves and other types of heaters. From electric heaters made to cover a cold spot in your home to powerful kerosene and propane heaters capable of making a garage or large open space more comfortable, you'll find an option that fits your needs. We also offer heater accessories such as creosote cleaners, firestarters, firebricks and pellets.

If winter's chill is complicating your list of chores, contact us and tell us about it. Our employees know a thing or two about the best ways to stay warm, and they can point you to a perfect solution. Whether you need to keep a workspace warm or you're ready chase the chill away after a long day of winter work, you'll find a reliable heater that will warm you up and won't let you down.