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Buckets, Tubs & Tanks

Keep your livestock well fed and watered with the selection of livestock buckets, tubs and tanks from Farm & Home Supply. This feeding equipment is just what you need to feed all of the animals on your property. From feed buckets and pails for carrying feed out to the pasture to tanks, tubs and feeders for your cattle and horses to eat and drink from, we have everything you need to keep your animals fed. We even carry tank heaters to ensure that your livestock have access to fresh water throughout freezing winter months.

The Best Selection of Feed Buckets, Tubs and Tanks

We carry feed equipment in a huge variety of different sizes so that none of your animals go hungry or thirsty. Use our large galvanized tanks to feed and water large animals such as horses and cattle. There are also smaller options for feeding goats, sheep and pigs. You can even use our smaller pan feeders to feed chickens, ducks and turkeys. Our feed pails, stock tanks, feed scoops and tank heaters are manufactured by some of the most trusted names in farm supplies. These brands include Little Giant, Farm Innovators, Miller, Behrens, Applegate and more.