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Horse Supplies

Horses are more than animals. They become family. From the first shaky steps of a foal to the majestic leaps of a trained horse, raising them is one of the most fulfilling, heartwarming parts of raising livestock. It's also one of the most challenging. Horses and other equine such as ponies have very specific needs, from feed and grooming to pest control.

At Farm and Home Supply, we have a wide variety of quality products to help keep your herd in healthy shape. We have several different feeds and mineral blocks for nutrition. If flies are a problem (when are flies NOT a problem?), we have plenty of traps, insecticides, repellents and other accessories to help control them. We even have horse treats perfect for giving your animals a snack.

Contact us today: We love talking to equine owners! If you have a problem, our smart staff members likely know a trick or two to help you out. Whether you offer riding or horsemanship lessons or you keep a horse or two for managing a farm, Farm and Home Supply will help keep your horses in good health.