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Cattle Supplies

It takes a special kind of farmer to raise cattle. It's not like you can keep these animals in cages: Raising quality cattle requires giving them the best opportunity for health and wellness as possible. That means you're patrolling thousands upon thousands of feet of fences, keeping an eye out for pests, checking for signs of disease and monitoring food and water sources such as grazing lands. You're there when a new calf is born, and you feel the pain of losing an animal.

Not an easy job. But you prove that it can be done every day.

Farm and Home Supply knows exactly the challenges you face. That's why we have stocked up on the industry's best cattle supplies, from ear tags to tank floats. If you raise cattle for beef or dairy, contact us and tell us about your herd - we love talking to farmers! If a particular problem is causing issues, we can point the way to a product that will help you raise the happiest cows with the most productive yields.