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3-Point Equipment

Take your productivity to the next level by adding three-point tractor hitch equipment from Farm & Home Supply to your farm. All of our three-point equipment works with any tractor that has a three-point hitch attachment. That's all it takes to get access to an array of farm equipment that's certain to help improve your yield, season after season.

Readying your soil before and during and after the growing season is essential to your crop growth. Fortunately, you can trust us to provide you with all of agriculture tech you need to do it quickly, efficiently and with reduced labor time. Plant your seeds with our spreaders and prep them with our fertilizers. Finally, easily put up a fence with the use of our three-point post hole equipment and three-point augers. Browse our selection of three-point mowers to keep your land mowed. This durable farming and agriculture equipment is offered to you by high-quality manufacturers, such as Worksaver, SMV Industries, Rankin Equipment and Double HH.