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Scrubs & Safety

Getting dressed for a day's work is nothing like a fashion show for most people. Instead of dressing to impress, they dress to handle mess. Whether you work in a medical office or on a construction site, you need sturdy, durable clothes made to handle the extreme conditions around you.

That's why we offer a line of scrubs and safety wear at Farm and Home Supply. Made by quality brands such as Cherokee, Wrangler and Berne, these clothes are made for flexibility, comfort and durability. Health professionals will appreciate our nursing uniforms. You'll also find flame-resistant shirts and pants for welders and others working around high heat. High-visibility shirts and vests provide comfort and safety to construction crews and road workers. And Milwaukee Leather vests, jackets and pants give extra protection to riders on the road.

What kind of wardrobe do you need for your job? Our employees are well-versed in safety and protective wear. They can point you toward exactly the clothes you need for a safe, comfortable day at work.