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Attractants & Food Plots

Deer are just not that into you. They don't care about your quality rifle, impressive camo wear, waterproof boots or fancy stands. Avoiding you is hardwired into their survival instincts, and chances are they will spot you long before you sight them. That's why attractants and food plots help make deer hunting more productive. You know what they say: The way to shooting a buck in the heart is through his stomach (or something like that).

At Farm and Home Supply, we have a large line of assorted attractants such as forage plants, salt licks and food plots loaded with nutritious and delicious-to-deer varieties of plants. Place them strategically around your property, then when hunting season arrives, you'll have established areas that will draw plenty of bucks. We also carry several spreaders that attach easily to your ATV for easy planting.

Call us if you have questions. We're well versed in how to use these attractants and can teach you everything you need to know. Make your next hunting expedition a successful one with Farm and Home Supply.