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Footwear Accessories

Farmers know a few key rules about life:

• A little bit of maintenance goes a long way.

• Money doesn’t grow on trees.

• Nothing beats a good pair of boots.

That’s why at Farm and Home Supply we carry a large line of footwear accessories. From replacement laces to leather care kits, you’ll find tools and supplies that will help prolong the life of your shoes and boots. <br /><br />Don’t get us wrong: We love selling you work boots at Farm and Home Supply, and a good, quality pair of boots is a high-dollar item. But the world isn’t easy on farmers these days. It’s important to stretch every dollar as far as we can, because we have family members and other creatures counting on us. <br /><br />A good pair of work boots or cowboy boots is an investment in yourself, and your ability to stay on your feet and keep working, whether its building fences or harvesting crops. Some simple maintenance on your boots will maximize their life, keeping them strong, comfortable and fresh. <br /><br />Saddle soap and leather conditioner will keep those boots looking their best. Shoe Goo will let you repair damage or add protection. Boot scrubbers will help removes moisture and debris that can damage over time. Boot dryers can get the insides of boots dry and ready for the next day of work. We even offer kits and conditioners for athletic shoes, because those aren’t exactly cheap, either. <br /><br />At Farm and Home Supply, we don’t mess around with shoes — we treat them with the same reverence as tools. Contact us today, and we’ll answer all your questions about protecting these critical investments into your work. Either visit us at one of our physical stores, or contact our staff by phone or email. We’re happy to answer all of your questions. We’ve been outfitting your lifestyle since 1960, and we’ll be there for every step.