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Misc Livestock Supplies

Who said the only livestock farmers can raise is cattle? At Farm and Home Supply, we've helped customers raise all sorts of animals since 1950, including pigs, goats, lamb, ducks, rabbits, rats, goldfish, catfish and more.

The animals may be as different as night and day, but the farmers who raise them have one thing in common: They have a big heart for those animals and want to keep them as healthy as possible, whether they are destined for auction or forever family members.

That's why we keep our shelves stocked with a variety of different supplies for miscellaneous livestock. We offer feed for everything from goats to mini pigs. We carry feeders and stock tanks in a variety of sizes, and offer a variety of pest control options, from diatomaceous earth to insecticides and sprays.

What do you raise? Contact us today - we love hearing from people who raise unique animals! We'll help you keep those creatures healthy and happy for as long as you raise them.