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As more and more people turn to natural foods and growing their own groceries, beekeeping is getting another look. Landowners are discovering how maintaining beehives can bring in extra revenue through honey sales, and how having the extra bees around helps their gardening prosper.

At Farm and Home Supply, we can help you keep your bees in good health with our beekeeping and apiary supplies. Beekeeping is just like any other form of agriculture - the right tools help you get more work done and protect the health of your hives. That's why we offer top-quality tools and accessories, including gloves, veils, smokers, scratchers, blades and extractors.

Are you looking to get started? We offer beginner beehive kits that include everything you need. Want to share your harvest, or sell it at a farmers market? We have a line of bottles and labels perfect for your offerings. Contact us and tell us about your buzzing aspirations. We'll help you find exactly what you need for season after season of happy bees.