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Fishing Gear & Tackle Boxes

Someone new to fishing might think that all it takes is a worm on a hook. With the exception of beginner's luck, they are probably in for a long day - especially if they don't know how to properly hook a worm. Anyone who has been on the water knows that fish can be fickle. A stink bait that works one day might stink during the next trip.

At Farm and Home Supply, we offer a wide variety of quality fishing gear and tackle boxes. We have products for many different fishing situations, from augers for ice fishing to rod holders for trolling. When you've made a catch, we have nets, baskets and buckets for holding it and filleting knives for processing no matter where you are.

Is there a particular challenge you have during your fishing trips? Contact us - we could talk fishing all day. Our employees have plenty of experience casting a line, and they can help you find a solution to your problem.