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The questions and answers below are intended to provide quick, simple guidance for common concerns. To view our actual full terms and policies, please visit the links below.

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
Afterpay FAQs


Company Info/Names

We started life as a company with a single store and called it Quincy Farm Supply, but have since expanded into many other communities. The individual stores, including this website, are typically called Farm & Home Supply.

Read more about our company by visiting our About Us page.

For store locations and store hours, please visit our Locations page. Please note: we are NOT part of or affiliated with Farm & Home Supply Center (Amazon), Family Farm & Home (HQ in Michigan), Family Center Farm & Home (Kansas City area), or Tractor Supply Company (nationwide).

Contacting Farm & Home Supply

How do I contact Farm & Home Supply?

Shopping Online

How do I find a product?

  • You can find products on our site by browsing by category (“Shop by Category” menu), browsing by brand (“Brands” on the category menu), or by inputting search terms into the search box (located at the top of the site in the header).
  • If you don’t find what you’re looking for it might not be on the site yet. We’re adding new products every day and working hard to add features that make shopping even better.
  • Not all products from our brands are available in our stores or online. We may only carry a subset of their entire line. Likewise, we may carry exclusive items not found anywhere else or in limited supply.

How do I complete a purchase?

  • Once you decide on which products to buy, add them to the cart by making selections about product variables (such as color/size) and then select the quantity (“Qty”), then click the “Add to Cart” button. At this point the items are in the cart. From the cart, you will then proceed through the checkout process, where you input information such as buying/shipping, address, payment info, etc. to complete the transaction.
  • You can proceed through the checkout process either as a registered user or as a guest. Being registered makes for a better experience on return visits since your information is stored and you won’t have to re-enter it. Also, as a registered customer you may receive emails that will keep you informed about sales events, exclusive offers and other perks that Farm & Home Supply offers.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

  • We collect sales tax where applicable. Depending on local, state, and federal laws, tax may or may not be collected. You will see the tax updated in the cart/checkout process if it applies to your order.

What about tax exempt shopping?

  • Currently it’s not an option on the website. If you are an individual or organization that is eligible to purchase products tax free, please visit one of our stores to purchase goods. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How can I pay for my order?

  • Orders can paid for by using a credit/debit card, PayPal or Afterpay. We do not accept bank info such as e-checks, nor do we offer financing or layaway. Payment methods are subject to verification and fraud checks before we actually draft payment and ship orders. We have the right to edit or cancel any order, for any reason.
  • Farm & Home Gift cards are usable in our physical stores and on the website.
  • Pre-paid, reloadable, and gift cards from Visa, MasterCard, and other networks/banks will likely not work as they usually don't have a billing address assigned. If possible, login to their service and assign your personal information, specifically billing address and name.
  • We only accept US currency/cards. No international or foreign payments can or will be accepted.
  • We do not accept payment over the phone. All orders must be placed through the online checkout process.
  • Some orders may be automatically declined based on certain indicators such as IP address location, address verification issues, or mismatches in card info.

Can I cancel or change/edit my order?

  • Short answer: yes. Long answer: you must contact us BEFORE your order ships. Once the order ships, your card will be charged and then you'll have to request a return and refund. We suggest contacting us as soon as possible after the order is placed so we can make any changes before the order is pulled, packed, and readied for shipment. We may not be able to honor all requests depending on the order status.

Shipping & Returns

Is shipping free?

  • Most orders will have a shipping charge. When you are in the cart/checkout process, the shipping amount will update based on destination, weight, and carrier/method selected. We may occasionally provide discounted or free shipping, and certain items may be delivered without a shipping charge (eg: gift cards).

What are my options for shipping?

  • We partner with UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service, and will send orders using the best combination of carrier/method to give you speedy, cost-effective delivery. 

How long will it take?

  • We do our best to pick and package products as soon as possible, but please allow 3 to 10 business dasy for processing.
  • We're located in the Midwest, so most locations in the Continental US can be serviced within a few business days. Certain areas like rural communities or box-type addresses may take longer. The actual time to delivery depends on the carrier and shipping method used.
  • There may be times when processing and delivery takes longer than normal, such as around holidays, during bad weather, or security/emergency events.
What if I don't receive my order?
  • Please check the tracking number provided to get the latest status from the carrier. If it's still in transit you'll need to wait for delivery or contact the carrier to arrange other delivery/pickup options.
  • If the package shows as delivered, please first check your property (eg: side door, behind decorations, etc) for the package. We also suggest speaking with others who live or work at the property. It may be useful to check with a neighbor to see if they received the package by accident.
  • A lost or stolen package requires that a claim be filed with the carrier. The carrier will investigate the situation and provide a resolution, for example: package mis-delivered or lost. We will not refund money or re-ship orders if a package is confirmed to have been delivered to the address specified.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages once delivered by the carrier.

Can I return or exchange items?

  • For physical store purchases: please contact your local store to discuss their return and exchange policies. For web orders, please keep reading below!
  • In most cases we will process a return for a refund, minus original shipping charges. If you are not happy with a product, please visit our site to complete the return merchandise authorization (RMA) process. You are responsible for shipping the item back to us. Exceptions are limited, but include circumstances such as us sending you the wrong item. Some items cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Most returns are processed within two weeks.
  • You may also take your product to one of our stores, where a manager or supervisor will assist you with the store-based RMA process at no cost to you. The same RMA rules apply, and a refund is only approved and posted once the product is received and inspected by the website staff. There is no charge for this option. Stores cannot and will not issue any money directly to you.
  • If you received a gift from the website and do not like it, it doesn't fit, or some other reason, please complete the RMA process. The purchaser will receive the refund. Or visit a store to exchange.
  • You must return your item within 60 days from receipt. We encourage you to complete the return/exchange process within a month to ensure prompt refunds and greater replacement availability.

What is Vendor Drop-Ship?

  • Vendor shipped products are items that we don't actually stock in our warehouse or ship from our distribution center. Rather, the manufacturer or distributor actually sends them right do your door.
  • This allows us to carry a much broader selection of products while avoiding costly storage and shipping fees. We do our best to pass along any savings we can to you, the customer!
  • Vendor shipped orders may take slightly longer to ship and be delivered, and may even require special arrangements for especially large/heavy items that require lift gates or semi truck delivery.
  • If you purchase a vendor shipped item please know the packaging, both internal and external, may be different than expected (eg: packing slips not showing Farm & Home's logo or address, boxing that is different than items on a store shelf, etc).
  • Note: you may be contacted to confirm certain order details and some orders may require additional fees.

Privacy & Terms

Am I being tracked?

  • We monitor our website and use collected and provided customer data to administer the site and drive digital marketing initiatives. Unless you provide us with personal information, such as details required to complete a transaction, most data is anonymous and generic. For example, we know how many people are visiting the site, what operating system they use, and what pages they like. We may use this data to improve the site or take corrective actions if there are problems.

Is the site safe?

  • We follow industry best practices to help ensure a secure shopping experience. This includes encrypting certain pages, using tokenized payment transactions, and limiting access to our databases. We also rely on top-rated services to process transactions, host our site, and manage customer data. We encourage you to use strong passwords, limit the sharing of personal information, and use payment methods that provide features such as zero-liability fraud protection.

What are the official terms for using this site? Should I read them?

  • Yes, you should read them. The “Terms of Service” page contains the our official legal information. It governs how the site should be used, what we do and how we act, and what we expect of our customers. The “Privacy Policy” page is also valuable and should be read. If you object to the terms, please discontinue use of our site.

Digital Marketing

Will you send me stuff?

  • We may send you emails from time to time, usually no more than a few a month. When you register an account with us, subscribe to our newsletter/email list, or contact us via email, you may receive correspondence from us. These typically include emails that inform you of important store events, special promotions, maybe even exclusive discount codes! These are in addition to the standard notification emails you get informing you of order status, tracking info, etc.

Can I unsubscribe?

  • Yes. Our emails have a link that will allow you to unsubscribe from our list. This is fairly quick but not always immediate, so you may receive additional emails before they completely stop. If you experience problems unsubscribing or wish to stop communications from us, please email at help@farmandhomesupply.com.


Why are website prices different than physical store prices?

  • Online pricing varies for a variety of reasons, including manufacturer requirements such as MAP (minimum advertised price) and IMAP/EMAP (web-based MAP). A product that Farm & Home sells may be at a different price point because of market conditions (eg: competition, demand, etc), manufacturer restrictions, inventory levels, and other factors.
  • The website is like another store, so online prices may not always match ad pricing or even our company's physical stores.

The printed ad shows one price but the website price is higher/lower. Why?

  • Printed ads are considered direct marketing since they're printed and available for physical consumption, whether mailed with a newspaper or picked up in a store. Printed ads are like a sales person having a face-to-face conversation with a customer. Thus, our pricing options are flexible. Contrast that to the website that's publicly available to the entire world 24/7/365 - we are often bound by online price restrictions set by manufacturers.
  • The website may also feature promotions that are separate from printed ads and not advertised in print. Again, like a separate store, the website may be able to run specials not available to physical stores, such as free shipping, lower online pricing due to redemption of promo codes, web credits, clearance specials, etc.

Will you match a price from another store? This website? Another company?

  • We do our best to price our products competitively, but sometimes we may not be the lowest or have an ad running.
  • The website cannot price match; the price displayed during checkout is the purchase price for that product.
  • Individual physical stores have greater flexibility. Speak with a supervisor or store manager to discuss your particular situation.
  • Some web prices and promotions are exclusive to this website. Speak with a supervisor or store manager to discuss your particular situation.

Will stores honor Hot Buys prices or web-only specials?

  • No. The "Hot Buys" products and other web-only products/promos are specially priced for online sales only. Their in-store prices will usually be higher.
  • Physical stores may be unable to match the web price or may not even have the product to sell. Speak with a supervisor or store manager to discuss your particular situation.

I purchased something and then found it online for a lower price, will you provide credit or refund?

  • No. Once an item is purchased we will not adjust the price lower should a future sale make the price lower.
  • Website prices may change frequently based on sales events, inventory, and demand. Notice is not required or provided.
  • You are welcome to request an RMA (return) and purchase the same item at the lower cost, but remember that returns are not free and you will likely be responsible for additional shipping charges.

Do you offer military or senior discounts?

  • The website does not. Our physical stores do.
  • Please contact your local store for details.

Special Orders

How do I request a special order?

  • Special orders cannot be placed online using this website.
  • You can visit your local store and speak with an associate or store supervisor/manager. They will be able to assist you with completing the special order request form.
  • High-quantity or bulk orders are handled through your local store. Discounts may or may not apply. Speak to the store manager for details.