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Bird Supplies

One of the fantastic things about farm living is the wide variety of birds that will visit your place. Not only are they beautiful to look at throughout the day and wonderful to hear, especially in the dawn, many birds help keep down insect populations. That's important even for residents in the middle of the city who may keep a backyard garden.

It may seem counterintuitive to attract birds by always keeping fresh seed and suet available for them - if they eat that, they won't have the appetite for bugs, right? Sure, backyard birds love seeds and berries, but in the late spring and early summer, they have nests full of chicks hungry for bugs. Trust us, you want bug-eating birds nesting nearby, combing through your gardens in search of aphids, grasshoppers, beetles and grubs.

That's why we offer plenty of feeds, suet cake feeders and other supplies. From stackers to cakes, you'll find exactly what you need to keep your fine feathered friends as happy neighbors. We even have a number of houses you can put up on your property, giving them a safe place to raise their families.