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Decoys & Accessories

Game animals know how to play. Deer and ducks don't know when hunting season starts, after all - survival instincts are hard-wired into them, and chances are they will dodge you before you get a chance to aim and fire. The right decoys can help attract whatever you're hunting, and make your next outing more successful when used correctly.

At Farm and Home Supply, we carry a large line of decoys for deer, duck, turkeys and more. Made with premium materials from the industry's most respected names, these decoys are built to last for season after season of use. They feature realistic appearance and strong mounts and anchors. We also carry netting and blinds to help you hide, while you wait for your decoys to do their job.

Are you getting ready for the next hunting season? Contact us today - our staff members have plenty of experience hunting, and they are happy to help point out something that will work for your next trip, and teach you how to properly deploy it.