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Oils, Lube & Chemicals

Just like the cars and trucks you drive on the road, agriculture and field equipment requires special fluids and chemicals to run at its best. Stop by Farm & Home Supply at one of our store locations to get the right oils and lubricants for your tractors, loaders, mowers and planters. Keep your engine running cleanly during stressful seasons with heavy-duty tractor motor oil. Engine treatments can help both diesel- and gasoline-based motor systems to remain stable. We have plenty of drivetrain lubricants for getting power to the wheels, including farm equipment gear oil, transmission fluid and trans-hydraulic fluid.

Your fuel injector can get clogged up over time, but a good fuel additive will clear out the junk for better power with less fuel use. Winterized fuel supplements will also prevent wax gel and ice from clogging the system when cold weather hits. Other lubes and chemicals in stock include anti-freeze and coolant for year-round operation, graphite-based coatings to prevent dirt and grass from sticking to parts, heavy-duty grease to thwart metal-on-metal freezing and Oil-Dri absorbent to clean up spills. Due to shipping regulations, these machine oils and lubes are only available in-store, so come on over to see our helpful staff.