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Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers

It doesn't matter what size your lawn is - you need to mow it. You'll find the perfect home lawn mower for your yard from Farm and Home Supply. Everybody who has a yard needs a good lawn mower. However, no two yards are alike, and a mower that works great on the neighbor's yard may be too much (or not enough) on your homestead We carry a large selection of electric and gas mowers and accessories so you can get the right farm mower to maintain a beautifully-trimmed landscape.

Our inventory includes riding lawn mowers and zero turn mowers for large lawns and push lawn mowers for smaller yards. We also sell trimmer and mower combos as well as lawn sweeps to keep your clippings contained. Our lawn mowers are manufactured by well-known, high-quality brands such as Cub Cadet, Exmark, Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines, Toro, Honda, Ferris and Agri-Fab.

Wide Selection of Push Mowers

If your lawn is on the smaller side, you might not think that investing in a riding mower is worth it. If that's the case, a smaller push lawn mower is perfect for you. Farm and Home Supply has many Cub Cadet push mowers for sale plus other top yard machines. These walking lawn mowers make getting into tight spaces a breeze, letting you quickly and efficiently mow a small yard. Browse our selection to find simple, economic push mower selections.

You'll also find more complex versions with many different features. We offer self-propelled push mowers that are easier on your legs, variable speed push mowers to make maneuvering easier, mowers with large rear wheels for uneven terrain and walk-behind mower/trimmers for tough grass and weeds. Some even have a collection bag attached for picking up. Our push lawn mower inventory includes both electric and gas mowers.

Large Variety of Riding Mowers

We carry two different types of ride-on mowers. The first is the traditional tractor-style riding mower that is perfect for personal use. Their compact size helps with getting around corners and makes storage easier. The other is a zero-turn riding lawn mower that has a design better suited for commercial use or use in a large field. Zero-turn mowers "pivot" instead of turning to better avoid obstacles while their larger decks cover more ground. Some zero-turn mowers for sale even have adjustable suspensions to help get over curbs, rocks and bumps. These are ideal farm lawn mowers to cut vast areas in a short amount of time.

Both styles come in a variety of sizes and engine horsepower ratings based on how much and how fast you need to mow. You should consider purchasing a riding lawn mower if you have a significant amount of land, if your land has a lot of hills or if you are a professional landscaper. Our gas-powered riding lawn mowers are designed so you can clear more lawn between refueling.

Clean Trimmings as You Go

For many folks, the biggest pain about mowing their lawn is dealing with all the trimmings and clippings afterward. Try one of our tow-behind lawn sweepers paired with a riding mower to keep your lawn clean and tidy as you go. These "mowing vacuums" attach to the rear of the mower and have an adjustable height for scooping up cut grass as well as an offset hitch, making towing and turning easier. You can attach them to an ATV as well for clearing branches, leaves and other debris.

Great Deals and Service on Lawn Mowers

No matter what kind of lawn mower you choose, you can rely on us for the best selection at competitive prices. Our mowers are available at each Farm and Home Supply store in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. Stop in seven days a week and our friendly staff will help you find the right push mower or riding mower deals. We've been selling the best home lawn mowers and other landscaping supplies since 1960.