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Cat Care & Accessories

Even the pickiest felines will feel loved when you treat them like royalty with our cat care accessories. We stock quality products for house cats, outdoor cats and barn cats. Having good food dishes and litter box supplies will cover a lot of what these independent-minded animals need. Fulfill your everyday cat care duties with a variety of pet bowl sets, gravity feeders and replenishing pet waterers. Use our cat litter pans, performance cat litter and scoops to let them do their duty without stinking up the house. These supplies come in many different sizes for small cats, large cats and multi-feline homes.

Farm & Home Supply is a leading cat supply store dedicated to outfitting the lifestyle of cats and their folks everywhere. Shop now and find cat toys for hours of self-entertainment, leashes and carriers for trips, pet doors for letting themselves in and out or cat beds to give them a regular place to sleep. And if your fuzzy four-legged friend is fighting its own pests, we carry flea sprays, mite treatment and other cat medicine. In short, if a cat needs or wants something, we probably have it, so get your cat goodies here.