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Chains, Pins & Clamps

Even temporary fasteners need to be strong when dealing with heavy farm equipment and transportation. Our selection of pins, clamps and security chains will hold almost any two objects together safely and securely. We have fastener tools and hardware from agricultural industry leaders such as Koch Industries, Double HH and Olympia Tools that can grip a ton and then some. Clamping devices such as C-clamps, spring clamps and ratchet bar clamps are used in almost every barn and shop. We have them in several sizes for temporarily holding wood, car parts, curtains and other objects in place.

If you are towing a trailer with a drawbar hitch, you'll have plenty of hitch pins, lynchpins and lock pins to choose from so the trailer doesn't break away from your vehicle in the middle of the highway. For tough hauling and logging jobs, check out high-grade binder chains and clevis hooks that will secure the heaviest loads like it's no big deal. We also have standard hardware for general-purpose farm work such as quick links, swivel fasteners, rope clips and cold shuts. When folks need to join things together, Farm & Home Supply will outfit them with the strongest hooks and holders.