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Kids Shoes

There are days when the sight of your kids running around outside barefoot fills you with warmth and joy. There are many more days when the sight of your kids running around in bare feet fills you with terror and worry, as you wonder about all the different ways they can injure or infect themselves. Ignorance may be bliss, but it's also bad parenting.

We carry a full line of footwear made just for kids at Farm and Home Supply. From tennis shoes and sneakers to work books and cowboy boots, you'll find strong, sturdy shoes made by brands you wear as an adult, such as Under Armour, Muck Boots, Justin and Durango. We carry cowboy boots for young riders, snow boots for outdoor winter fun, rubber boots for waterproof protection and sneakers for casual days of fun - all in a variety of sizes and vivid colors kids will love.

Stock up today on quality shoes and boots for your children, made to be outgrown before being worn out.