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In Store Pick Up


In Store Pick Up FAQ's

    1. Can someone else pick up my order on my behalf?
      1. Yes, while ordering you may enter the information of the person whom will pick up the order
    2. What do I need to pick up my order?
      1. You will need your ID and a record of your order, either printed or on your phone.

    3. Where do I pick up my merchandise at the store?
      1. When you enter the store, you will see a sign over the registers directing you to speak with one of our friendly staff who will assist you with pick up. OR if you'd rather use our Curbside Pick-Up option, please park your vehicle in the designated pick-up area next to the store and call the phone number listed on the red and white sign

    4. What are the hours for pick up at store?
      1. Orders placed online for pickup at store will be processed as quickly as possible.  Our standard hours of pickup times are: Monday-Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm, and Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm.  Any orders placed after 5:00pm Monday-Saturday may be delayed until the following business day.  We strive to have all online orders for pickup at store to be processed within two hours of your order being placed.  Certain events might delay that, and we appreciate your patience.

    5. How long will my order be held for me?
      1. We will continue to hold your order for pick up at store for 7 days after initial purchase.

    6. The item(s) I want to buy are not available for pickup at store, why is that?
      1. We are constantly adding more and more items to our website, and making them available for pickup at store.  Feel free to email your requested items at help@farmandhomesupply.com and we will do our best to change the item to be picked up at store. Some items are designated as only available to buy in store, like firearms, ammunition due to required paperwork, or bagged mulch and soil due to the fragile nature of handling them too much.

    7. Am I charged shipping and handling on any order I pickup in store?
      1. No, pickup at store orders are FREE of any shipping and handling charges.

    8. Can I change my desired store for pickup after placing my order?
      1. Unfortunately, no, you’ll have to cancel your order and place a new order with the corrected store of your choice.

    9. What if I need to return my purchase?
      1. Simply bring the merchandise into the store, along with your ID and a copy of your order and we will gladly take care of you.

    10. Why did you charge my card twice?
      1. Any orders placed with us online go through a pre-authorization with the card processor.  You are never charged twice, but they put a brief temporary hold on that amount prior to actually charging you.  This is similar to most gas stations and other shopping spots.  Once your order is actually charged, you will see the pre-authorization quickly disappear from your statement.

    11. I ordered an item online, and found it to be a different price in the store upon my arrival.  How do you handle that?
      1. We will still charge you the original price posted on our website, as the store may have in store specials going on at the time.  Simply ask for your order to be cancelled, and buy the item in store at the time you visit us to get the better price.

    12. I need to cancel my order, how do I do that?
      1. You can give your local store a quick call and ask that  your order be cancelled, or you can email us at help@farmandhomesupply.com and give us your order number and name and have it cancelled and refunded.

    13. What happens if you don't have an item in stock at the store?
      1. If it's an order with multiple items and only one item is out of stock, we will proceed with the order and let you know via email notification what will be missing before you pick it up. We will issue you a refund for the missing item(s). If it's an order with just one item and it is out of stock, we will cancel the order and notify you via email and you will not be charged for the orer.