Use the Best for Your Lawn

Farm & Home Supply carries a large selection of lawncare products. Whether it's grass seed, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides/pesticides, weed killers or plant food, we stock the best brands so your lawn looks its best.


  • Specialized lawncare chemicals to control specific weeds, grasses, and insects.
  • Also includes "weed and feed" type solutions for easy greening.


  • Long-trusted herbicide brand.
  • Widely used to kill a broad range of weeds and grasses, around the home and farm.


  • Grass seed, grass fertilizer, and weed control.
  • Different formulations for varying grass types and conditions.


  • Consumer-focused plant food/fertilizer that produces vibrant blooms and healthy plants.
  • Also helps garden plants (eg: vegetables) grow large, bright, healthy fruits and vegetables.