Cornish Cross Booking 2019

Cornish Cross is one of the most popular meat chickens. They require special feeding and care but they mature very quickly. They weigh around six pounds when they reach six weeks of age by efficiently converting feed into flesh. They are the best choice for a person who wants to quickly produce delicious meat.

Mature Weight:
Males: 9 to 11 pounds 
Females: 8 to 9 pounds

Order dates:
 February 13th, 2019 through March 11th, 2019*
Pick-Up date: March 29th, 2019 (date is subject to change and if it is changed, you will receive a call for notification)


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*Orders only accepted at our store locations. Orders are to be paid in full at time of order placement. A minimum order of 25 birds is required. Birds must be picked up on date of delivery.

Available Chicks

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Frequently Asked Questions

See frequently asked questions about poultry here.

Chick Starter Checklist

Brooder Box: somewhere for them to live for 6 to 8 weeks - this can be a cardboard box, metal tank, plastic container, etc.

Heat Lamp and Bulb: required to keep your chicks warm.

Thermometer: needed to regulate temperature in the brooder.

Bedding: pine shavings work well.

Waterer: choose the right size and style for your flock size.

Feeder: choose the right size and style for your flock size.

Feed: start with a crumbled chick feed for the first 16 weeks.

Raising chicks take commitment, please be sure you know what you need to do to take care for them.

Stop by your local Farm & Home Supply to get everything you need to take care of your chicks!

Attention Customers

Here at Farm and Home Supply, we do our best when sexing chicks. We cannot guarantee the chicks to be male or female.

It is important to understand and research the care of poultry before making a purchase. Care and understanding what it takes to raise poultry is VERY important.

Chicks and ducks are being sold for agricultural purposes.


We are unable to warranty any poultry.