Turkey Calls | Choosing the right call for turkey hunting.

Choosing the right call for hunting turkeys can be a daunting task.  So many choices are available to today's hunters, and this guide will help you decide which ones are best for you. Farm & Home Supply carries a wide variety of turkey calls to maximize your chances at taking a big bird.

Turkey Call Types

  • Box Calls: Made of wooden boxes with attached paddles, and work by producing sound from a friction causes by the paddle sweeping across the rails of the box sides. Great for long distance calling on windy days, very versatile and easy to use. Generally requires both hands to operate however.
  • Slate Calls: Also known as pot calls.  Round plates of aluminum, ceramic, glass, or slate are held in one hand, while the free hand operates a striker that uses varying friction movements and pressures to create sounds.  Longer learning curve to master, but can virtually produce every turkey sound.  Requires two hands to operate, and depending on material, may be affected by water.
  • Mouth Calls: Also known as diaphragm calls.  Thin latex reeds are sandwiched together with tape and placed in the mouth, cupping the roof of your mouth.  Most difficult call to master and learn, but keeps both your hands free and is obviously waterproof.  Most popular style of turkey call for its versatility and hands free operation.
  • Push Button Calls: Simplest call to learn to use, and produces yelps, clucks, and purrs with ease.  Great call for the novice hunter, and can be operated with one hand if needed.  Usually made of wood or plastic.
  • Locator Calls: Designed for one thing-To make a Tom or Jake gobble and alert you to his whereabouts.  They are reaction calls that sound like a competing bird, or a predator.  Typically made of tubes with rubber bellows that are shaken to produce a gobble.  Other types make sounds that mimic a peacock, owl, woodpecker, hawk, crow, or even coyotes and bobcats.  The aim is to simply get an instinctual reaction from a Tom or Jake so that you may move on him in a hurry and set up for calling with a box, slate, mouth, or push button call.

Popular and Best Selling Calls by Brand

Popular and Best Selling Calls by Type

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