Treestands | Which treestand is the best

Using treestands to hunt deer is by far the most popular method in North America.  Getting up in the air, above their noses, all while gaining a better sense of sight goes a long way in building your confidence. But decicing which treestand is best can be difficult.  Choosing the right treestand is harder than ever for good reasons.  There are so many choices today compared to the offerings of the past.  Quality manufacturers and innovative features as well as newer safety measures make today's choices in picking a treestand hard.  This guide is here to help you by showing you the different features and selections to be found at Farm and Home Supply.

Treestand Types

  • Ladderstands: Having an integral way of climbing up to your hunting position is a great thing! Ladderstands are the most popular type of treestands at Farm & Home Supply.  They provide a strong supportive stand, anchored firmly to the tree.  They can be assembled easily using simple hand tools. They are very convenient since they have their climbing method built into the stand itself.  The downside is they are heavy and often very big.  Setting a ladderstand usually requires a buddy to help.
  • Fixed Positon or Hang On Stands: Require screw in steps or a climbing stick to gain access to your hunting position.  Fixed position stands strap and hang on the tree at any height you wish, and offer large foot platforms.  Many have arm rests, foot rests, and very comfortable seat cushions. New engineering and materials have made these lighter than versions from the past.
  • Climbers: Very convenient for public ground where you can't have a permanent stand.  Also handy for properties or hunting styles where you want to move around and hunt opportunistic signs.  Simply climb the tree to the desired height by using the "sit down, stand up" method.  The two pieces are held together by a strap and you move up and down the tree without steps or a ladder. Often have smaller foot platforms.

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