Deer Decoys | Which deer decoy should I buy?

Using a model of the animal you're hunting to lure the live versions in is an ancient hunting method.  Technology and reserach have given us lifelike designs to use in our hunting endeavors.  But, which one is best for you? This is a research guide for you to use when shopping for deer decoys.

Deer Decoy Types

  • Buck Decoys: Just as it sounds, these are life model decoys modeled after a mature buck.  They typically have a hollow chest/abdomen cavity for storage of legs, antlers, ears and tail to the hunt spot. 
  • Doe Decoys: Designed to be much like a buck decoy, but there are no antler receptacles in the head.  Internal storage of legs, ears, and tail are still in the chest cavity.

Models at Farm & Home Supply

Which Model do I need?

If your goal is just seeing more deer, either type will work in gaining trust in passing deer.  Simply having a deer decoy near your stand will put their minds at ease and make the area seem safe.  However, wind direction and time of the year will have implications in your success.

Generally, a doe decoy can be used all season long.  They instill trust in all deer, and if you're using it pre-rut and rut phases, you can catch the attention of an amorous buck cruising through the area.  Applying small doses of doe urine or estrus can add a realistic dynamic to your hunt set.  Everyone knows deer use their incredible sense of smell more so than their vision.  Dabbing on some urine or estrus on the tail of your doe decoy just might help seal the deal for you. The Boss Babe is sturdy, well built, and will last you year after year.  Convienient storage and lifelike features adding to the realism make this doe decoy an easy pick.

Buck deccoys typcially work best during the rut.  They are there to incite a fight, and scare off lesser bucks.  You're after the big old bruiser buck.  Not the yearling.  The Scarface and the Boss Buck both have impressive antlers, and full thick bodies, giving off the aura of a mature dominant buck to any that would oppose his status. Many buck decoys have been charged and knocked down in the fall.  You're targeting their primal urges, and desires to dominate the area.  Nearby does can't help but swoon over their skill in battle. The Boss Buck is slightly larger than the Scarface. Both use internal storage, and both have detachable antlers and ears.  The Scarface is aptly named because it proudly displays a slashing scar across the face of the decoy.  Declaring that this fight isn't his first.  The Boss Buck has a thicker neck, insenuating that the rut has them in a rage and ready to rumble.  

You can't really choose a bad decoy when shopping from Farm and Home Supply, but hopefully this article helps you decide which deer deccoy is best for you.