Deer Calls | Choosing the right deer call

Man has been trying to lure in game by sounding like their quarry since the dawn of time.  Recent advancements from studies on how deer communicate have brought us more choices in calls for whitetail deer than ever before.  Do you need help choosing the right deer call? Perhaps this guide can be of some assistance.  Farm and Home Supply is a leading source for the best brands and models of deer calls available today.

Call Types & When to Use

  • Bleat: mimics the sound of a doe, often in estrus phase.  Use this call all season, but estrus specific models in the Pre-Rut (just before rut) and Rut phases of hunting to entice bucks in.
  • Grunt: use this call to sound like a young or mature buck, depending on the model.  If you're looking to start a fight with the king of the woods, use the mature grunt and watch him come in to defend his turf. Pre-Rut and Rut phase use will get you the best results with this call.
  • Rattle: nothing like the sound of fighting to bring a buck in to your stand.  They are overwhelmed with primal urges to defend their area and dominate all other would be suitors that they will practically run themselves ragged to get to the fight.  Pre-Rut and Rut use will get the most immediate responses from bucks.
  • Distress: this call is extremely useful for luring in protective does. Their motherly protective nature will naturally seek out the source of a fawn screaming in pain or fear.  Also very useful for predator hunting.  Use all season long, but know that it really is intended for does and coyotes. 

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