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Farm & Home Supply will once again feature a large variety of poultry for purchase this Spring!
We also carry the equipment and consumable supplies you need to raise a healthy flock for meat or egg production.

Even if you're not interested in buying any chicks, bring the kids out to the store so they can enjoy the cute, fuzzy chicks peeping and chirping. 

Note: Chicks and live animals are not available for purchase online. Please visit your local store to order and pick-up.

"Chick Days" – Week of February 26 through April 23, 2024

  • Chicks begin arriving in stores the week of February 26. Please call your local store for more details and shipping schedule.

  • Poultry Breeds:  Breeds will vary by location.  We carry a large selection of poultry and each location will have a rotation of different breeds each week.
    If we don't have what you're looking for, try special ordering! Please note that special ordres are limited to what is available based on hatch and delivery dates.

  • Price: Prices will vary between breeds. Please see store for details.

Chick Info: FAQs, How-to's and Care Guides

  • Chick Starter Checklist (PDF)
  • FAQ Chick Basics (PDF)
  • Baby Chick Care Tips & Salmonella Facts (PDF)
  • Hoover's Hatchery Catalog (PDF)

We have the supplies you need for your new chicks! Please visit our poultry category to learn more and purchase select items.

Notes: Selection and pricing may vary by store. Chicks and other live animals are not sold online. All animal sales are final and chicks are not warrantied. Please consult with your local store to ensure you're properly informed and supplied as raising chicks requires a significant commitment of time and resources.

Chicken Supplies