YTL International

When there's a massive pile of trees and logs that need to be chopped up, a Black Diamond hydraulic log splitter is the tool to use. YTL International has been a world leader in power equipment since 2006 that offers professional land management and lawn care at a competitive price. YTL log splitters are some of the most powerful in the industry and only take about half an hour to assemble. With one of these bad boys in your barn, trees that have been felled by storms or cleared for construction can quickly be divided up.

Farm and Home Supply has multiple Black Diamond splitters for landscaping. YTL is best known for their portable horizontal/vertical log splitters that provides up to 37 tons of force to break up the toughest logs. They also make 3-point stationary log splitters if you have a permanent shed where you do your work. Each model is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and accepts logs up to 26 inches long. Adding a log table will make it easier to organize and handle projects. The materials, engine and hydraulic components all have a manufacturer's warranty so you can run your splitter with confidence.