Yard Tuff

If you want your land to be beautiful, sometimes you have to get tough with it. Yard Tuff Products are used around the globe by farmers, loggers, professional landscapers and those who just want their front lawn to look impressive. As part of Tuff Products Minnesota, they have designed all sorts of yard tools and equipment that take on rough land like it’s nothing. With a little Tuff love, your backyard, meadow or forest will always be well cared for.

Farm and Home Supply has a collection of Yard Tuff landscaping supplies that you will want in your shop. We have lawn grooming tools such as their pull-behind drag mat, brush removal tools, lawn aerators, spreaders, rakes and other ways to take care of the land in any season. Many of their accessories are designed to be attached to tractors and ATVs. But there are also plenty of manual yard tools available as well for smaller projects. Visit one of our Midwest stores or check back online often to see what new items are available for making your lawn not just pretty, but Yard Tuff.