X-Stand Treestands

Hunting can sometimes mean sitting in a tree for hours on end, and you never want to worry about crashing down before you spot your next trophy buck. X-Stand treestands from Farm & Home Supply are the modern way to pass the time while you're tracking big game. This Minnesota-based company makes a number of portable hunting treestand systems that are cozy to sit in and hold fast under your body weight. With their stands and accessories, the only danger in the woods will be to the unfortunate 8-pointer that crosses your path.

X-Stand products are made by fellow hunters who understand you guys need each season. Their classic single-man ladder treestands are simple to set up and use, if you're going hunting with a friend, they have 2-man treestands as well. Other options include climbing treestands for "walking" up a tree and hang-on stands that are hoisted into place. Whichever one you choose, don't forget to order the right accessories. Comfort backrests, ratchet straps, rope kits, seat cushions, snap pins and other gear is essential for getting the most out of your X-Stand treestand. Call us or stop by for more information or to try out one of their stands!