Water Source USA

When you're working in the fields, on the lawn or out in the barn, you need to be able to get clean water. Water Source USA farm water spigots hook to a hose or directly into your water lines to provide water on command for animals and humans alike. These yard hydrants are made in Ohio and are designed for use in any environment and any season. Farm and Home Supply has several sizes of water spigots for folks who can't waste time traipsing back to the house every time they need a full bucket.

Frost-proof yard hydrants from Water Source USA are built for the tough conditions that farms must weather. The shut-off valve is located below the frost line so they won't freeze or ice up during the winter. They also self-grain so no excess moisture gets caught in the pipes. These spigots follow all federal lead laws and can be repaired without having to dig the entire pipe out of the ground. Stop by one of our stores in Illinois, Missouri or Iowa to try one out and let our friendly staff help you decide which one is best for your home.