Since 1945, Tarter equipment has been a go-to for farm and ranch owners who need their property to be up to par. They make a variety of products that can be used to spruce up the land, tend to animals or even put on a rodeo. While many folks use their stationary equipment such as animal gates, feeders and corrals, Tarter tractor and ATV implements are where they truly shine. By hooking up one of their machines, you can quickly perform chores or seasonal work that help make your farm more productive or your landscape more beautiful.

Farm & Home Supply carries Tarter ATV pull-behind spreaders that are perfect for seeding or fertilizing lawns, large gardens and fields. Haul up to five bushels of seed using your ATV, tractor or riding mower that can be sowed far and wide by adjusting the spray. And because the spreader is wheel-driven, it requires no outside power source. Come to one of our stores to check it out for yourself and see what other Tarter equipment we have in stock. We believe in great service and value for folks who love their land!
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