Strike King

Tracing its roots to 1964, when it began with spinnerbaits made in its founder’s garage in Memphis, Tenn., Strike King lures have caught the fancy of fish and fishermen ever since. Amateurs as well as pros on the tournament circuit have caught countless bass on these lures.

Over the years, the company’s reputation has expanded along with its lineup of fine fishing products. If you want to catch more largemouth, you owe it to yourself to check out the big selection of Strike King Lure Company fishing tackle and sunglasses available at Farm and Home Supply.

As you would expect from its name, this company produces a wide assortment of fishing lures. Besides making spinnerbaits, Strike King now offers plenty of other types of lures, including hard plastic crank baits as well as soft plastics. The company also makes many versions of the jig, one of the oldest and most effective fishing lures in the world.

We also carry all the Strike King terminal tackle you will need for a successful day of fishing, including a variety of hooks, sinkers and swivels. While you’re catching more fish with Strike King lures, you can protect your eyes while seeing fish lurking under water better with Strike King sunglasses.