SPS Fence

Dog kennels from Stephens Pipe & Steel are an affordable way to keep your pets contained when they can't be out and about. As the largest American-owned fence product manufacturer, SPS knows a few things about hemming in people and animals. Their modular dog kennels are especially useful for when you're heading out on errands or for work, but you know you can't keep your hound locked in the house. They can also be set up to let a new pet acclimate to their surroundings or if they get overly excited when visitors come over.

We have both small and large SPS Silver Series dog kennels that are available only in-store at our Midwest locations. Their modular bent frame design with chain link fencing is strong enough for good pet containment, yet easy to put up and take down. Each model also has a hinged door so humans and animals can get in or out when needed. Give man's best friend a good place to lounge and enjoy the sun by choosing a wire dog kennel from a family-owned local business that has everything for outfitting your lifestyle.