Ever notice there's one thing that can distract you more than anything when you're out on a hunt? No, it's not the weather, the other hunters or even a chattering bird. It's having cold, uncomfortable feet. We here at Farm and Home Supply are doing our best to ensure that doesn't happen to you. That's why we're stocking Smartwool hunting socks.

Made out of super-soft Merino wool, the socks don't itch like traditional wool often does. Yet that's just one of the selling points. Smartwool hunting socks have an anti-odor feature so you remain undetected by your prey. The material is breathable and regulates temperature, which means you can stay outside longer with less discomfort.

Even though Smartwool socks can help keep feet cozy, they're actually designed for year-round use. The temperature regulation feature keeps your feet cooler in warmer weather, warmer in cooler weather and altogether comfortable during any hunting season.

Pick up a few pairs now at Farm and Home Supply. Your feet will definitely thank you.
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