If you’re spending your day trudging down rainy streets or working in gardens, swamps or muddy fields, you might as well do it in style. Sloggers women’s waterproof boots and shoes combine the protection and comfort folks need with the cool look they want. The first Sloggers were made in 1997, but their history goes back to the Drizzle Boot overshoes first introduced in 1948. And it’s fitting because Sloggers footwear is made to last for a lifetime. Each pair is still made in the USA with quality and prints that both make you say wow!

We carry both Sloggers ladies rain boots and garden clogs for getting down and dirty while still looking good. These super-comfortable boots are made using recycled materials and can easily be hosed off after a long day. And you’ll want to keep them clean to show off the polka dots, chickens, flowers and other colorful prints. Don’t worry — they’re very functional as well, with excellent traction and water-blocking ability. Outfit your Lifestyle with the right outdoor footwear by shopping at Farm and Home Supply for any season.