ScentLok Small Room Ozone Deodorizer OZ100

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SKU 55150060-Looking to get a leg up on your hunting buddies?  Tired of seeing deer turn away from you before getting into shooting range?  White tails flagging haunting your dreams?  Look no further than the OZ100 Small Room Ozone device from ScentLok.  Designed to completely deodorize small rooms and spaces, this Ozonator can keep you invisible to deer's noses by storing your clothign and gear in the room with this device running.

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  • SUPER SIMPLE TO USE: The OZ100 Small Room deodorizer plugs straight into your standard outlets. It doesn’t have any additional wire or adapters to worry about. Just plug it in and turn it on, for odor free air in no time. This size is great for kitchens, bathrooms, and other small rooms throughout your home.
  • DESTROY ODORS THE NATURAL WAY: The OZ Active Odor Destroyer eliminates virtually all types of odors, bacteria, fungus, and mold in your home and vehicle leaving the air fresh and clean. The system works with CycleClean which is completely chemical and fragrance free, so you don’t have to worry about harmful products or lingering smells in your air.
  • CYCLECLEAN TECHNOLOGY: ScentLok’s OZ Active Odor Destroyers feature CycleClean technology to deodorize entire areas. It moderates the output by alternating active and resting phases to achieve maximum efficiency while eliminating scents in your area, preventing you from carrying them out into the field.
  • SCENTLESS STORAGE: Storing your gear in a ScentLok pack is an important step for success in the field. Every piece of gear you use picks up ambient odors from its surroundings and these can often be alarming to deer when you bring an unnatural smell to the woods. In order to achieve the best results in your hunt, those odors must be minimized with odor controlling sprays and storage.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) OZ Active Odor Destroyer OZ100 Small Room Deodorizer. Destroys odors, bacteria, fungus, and mold. Chemical and fragrance free. Features CycleClean technology. Plugs straight into a wall outlet without any additional wires or adapters. WARNING: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces.
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Hunting & Shooting TypeScent Control
Gender/AgeAll Ages
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Manufacturer Number82915
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