Petsafe invisible fence and electric dog fences and accessories.

We know you want your pets to be able to roam free - but there are a lot of potential dangers out there. PetSafe has been working since 1991 to keep pets secure, and owners happy. They are the country's largest manufacturer of electronic training products and pet containment systems for your four-legged friend. With a PetSafe electric fence, pet door or other accessories from Farm & Home Supply, you can set firm boundaries for dogs or cats to explore within. In doing so, you'll lower the chances of them crossing paths with dangerous wild animals while also keeping them out of your garden or pool.

There are a number of fencing options that will keep pets contained without harming them. A PetSafe underground fence uses in-ground wires to build a custom area, basically acting as an invisible fence. A portable wireless fence will set a small area for training purposes. They also make wireless training collars and bark control collars for teaching commands. PetSafe pet entry doors give your pet independence and save you from having to get up to let them in or out every time. Contact us find out more about what we have in stock for pet-lovers everywhere!