PBI Gordon

There are certain pests that even the most ardent nature lovers which would just go away. With PBI-Gordon turf and animal health products, you can defend your yard and your livestock against these scourges. The company has been serving the farm industry since 1947 with insecticides, weed killers, water treatments and other chemicals. These formulas are safe for the humans, animals and plants you love, but will stop unwanted ones in their tracks. Come to Farm & Home Supply today and find the right treatments for a better quality of life on your property.

PBI-Gordon makes a number of livestock sprays for horses, ponies, stable dogs and other four-legged creatures. Spray or wipe these products on animals and around their living quarters to both kill and repel flies, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. Gordon's lawn care products include crabgrass and brush killers, fertilizers, herbicides and even complete vegetation killers for driveways and buildings where no growth is wanted. The company also has a line of PondMaster water quality enhancers such as algaecides and aquatic fly sprays. Each product is tested for safety so you can use them knowing the only side effect will be happy, healthy animals and landscapes.