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How does the Membership Benefit Program work?

To start earning rewards, you must first be signed into a Farm and Home Supply online account. If you don't have an account yet, you'll need to set one up before making any purchases in qualifying reward categories. Once your account is established, ensure you are signed in at FarmandHomeSupply.com. When you make an online purchase in a qualifying category during the allotted time frame, items from that category will automatically count towards your spending threshold total. Please note that reward points are based on the order total pre-tax. After reaching the spending threshold within the designated time frame (e.g., spending $125 on pet-related items in a month), you'll receive an email from help@farmandhomesupply.com with a redemption code for your reward to use on your next online purchase. Each code will have its own unique expiration date.

*If you are signed into your account, the drop-down menu that usually says 'Sign In' will instead display 'Hello, _______'. Once you see your name in the top right corner of the page, you can be sure that you have successfully signed in.*

*Ensure your item qualifies for rewards. You'll know you're shopping in a qualifying category if you see the "Eligible for Member Benefits" flag on the product page, as shown above.*

How can I track my progress towards the rewards?

You can sign in anytime at FarmandHomeSupply.com and click on "Membership Benefits Program" to see how far along you are with your rewards for the current qualifying category. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your account to reflect the reward points from your recent purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email help@farmandhomesupply.com or call 217-217-9448.

*This status bar tracks your rewards and is visible only when you're signed into your account. With each purchase in the qualifying category, it updates; once filled, it won't reset, preventing a "start over."*

*If you complete an order without signing into an account, your screen will display this instead of a status bar upon completion, resulting in no rewards for the purchase.*

Will my rewards expire?

Yes, every online code will have a unique expiration date. This expiration date will be based on the date on which the reward was initially earned. The expiration date will be noted in the initial email you received from help@farmandhomesupply.com with the redemption code.

Why can't I earn rewards for my in-store purchases like I can online?

Our current in-store technology is unable to integrate with our Membership Benefits Program. Unfortunately, this means that at this time, we're unable to offer rewards for in-store purchases. We understand this may be disappointing, however, we want to assure you that we're exploring alternative solutions to enhance your shopping experience.

Will I miss out on rewards if I shop in-store instead of online?

While in-store purchases don't currently earn rewards, you can still enjoy the benefits of our membership benefit program by shopping online and picking up at your local store or with curbside delivery. We recognize that this may not be ideal for everyone and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Find your closest Farm and Home location here and start shopping today. 

How can I stay informed about updates regarding the Membership Benefit Program and rewards?

You can stay informed by signing up for our email newsletter, following us on social media, or checking our website regularly!