Magic Products

From panfish to trout and bass, dangling a worm in the water has to be one of the simplest but most effective ways to catch fish. If you want to keep your worms happy, healthy and wriggly for maximum fish-attracting ability, it will pay to check out the Magic Products fishing worm food, bedding and boxes available at Farm and Home Supply.

Magic Products Inc. specializes in products devoted to keeping worms in premium condition, so you will benefit from years of expertise with these items. You can find a variety of small and large containers to hold your worms, as well as bedding to keep nightcrawlers, garden worms and red worms clean, fresh, lively and full of fish-attracting flavor.

We also carry Magic worm food in assorted sizes. It contains all the nutrients worms need to keep them fat, healthy and irresistible to fish.