Blowers & Pressure Washers

Keep your driveway and walkways in pristine condition with the collection of blowers and pressure washers from Farm & Home Supply. The blowers in our selection double as leaf blowers and snow blowers, depending on the season. Choose from electric blowers, battery-powered blowers and gas blowers. There are also backpack blower and handheld blower options. For more serious snow removal projects, we also carry snow throwers and push snow blowers.

After you leaf blow your driveway, you may notice that the concrete has become stained and dingy. Give it a good cleaning with one of our pressure washers. We carry pressure washers of all sizes and strengths for a variety of different jobs. Choose from electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers. You can also choose your pressure washer by the strength of its washing ability. Opt for a smaller 1500psi or 1700psi pressure washer or choose a stronger 3000psi or 3100psi pressure washer. These pressure washers, leaf blowers and snow blowers are manufactured by premium brands, such as Stihl, Generac, Karcher, Toro, Dewalt, Cub Cadet and Briggs & Stratton.