If you ever want to spot-check how wise a hunter, fisher or farmer is, all you have to do is look at their feet. If those feet are outfitted in LaCrosse rubber boots, you know they're a wise one indeed.

LaCrosse Footwear is known for making killer rubber boots, and the brand has been at it since 1897. While we're sure some of the production methods have changed, the company's commitment to quality hasn't. That's why Farm and Home Supply keeps these babies in stock.

Hunters and farmers aren't the only ones who can benefit from these tough and comfortable boots, either. Any folks who are saddled with muddy chores, or even those forced to walk in the rainy outdoors, would do well with a pair of LaCrosse.

That's because the footwear gives you a waterproof, abrasion-resistant exterior as well as a soft and cushy interior. Inner lining adds comfort and warmth, while a variety of colors and patterns add style.

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