Let’s be honest: There’s not really a standard wardrobe for working on a farm. We’ve seen some swear by a certain brand of overalls. We’ve seen others wear whatever is handy, regardless of the garment’s condition. We’ve heard about others who are content to muck stalls in their skivvies. We don’t judge.

But the one piece of clothing they all have in common is a good pair of boots.

There is no substitute for a reliable, comfortable pair of boots to get you through a day’s work. The day’s chores require your feet to walk across a variety of surfaces and substances, so your boots need to provide support and traction.

At Farm and Home Supply, we’re proud to offer a large line of Justin boots. The company has been a standard of agricultural life for more than 130 years. Justin isn’t an icon because of trends or looks — it’s the company’s commitment to craftsmanship, right down to each single stitch.

We’ve been helping folks with outfitting your lifestyle since 1960, no matter what outfit you prefer. Just make sure a reliable pair of Justin Boots is part of that outfit, because you have some work to do.