Your pets are like family, and every member of your family should eat well. Iams is the original premium pet food maker and believes in producing food that matches the dietary needs of active animals. Founded in 1946, the company created the first high-protein, high-fat dog food and continues to develop products that both animals and their humans love.

Farm and Home Supply carries both Iams dry dog food and canned food to keep their bodies strong. Their ProActive Health line of pet food contains real meats such as chicken and lamb that are fortified with the vitamins and minerals animals need. And there are special formulas for different canines, including large breed dog food, puppy food, mature adult dog food and toy breed food. Some of them look appetizing even to two-legged mammals!

Cats will find something to love, too. Iams cat food is something that even the pickiest kitties dig their whiskers into. We stock Iams weight control cat food for furballs that are a bit pudgy, hairball care cat food to control digestive problems and kitten food for growing felines. Order your pet’s next meal online or visit a store near you for food to outfit their lifestyle.