You need your firearms to be four things: powerful, accurate, reliable and affordable. With a Hi-Point rifle or pistol, you'll get the Grand Slam in a sweet-looking package. Hi-Point Firearms have been trusted by budget-minded hunters and target enthusiasts since 1992. All of their weapons are made in Ohio using materials that will hold up to anything you encounter. At Farm & Home Supply, we have the popular Hi-Point 9mm carbine for sale, the Hi-Point .45 for sale and other high-quality firearms. These guns are simple to use and maintain so you'll always be ready to drop a buck or nail the bullseye.

Hi-Point carbines have one of the best reputations among firearm fans who need an affordable option. The Hi-Point 995TS for sale has an all-weather stock, fully adjustable sights and accessory rails for honing in from a hundred yards. It's also available in .45 caliber or desert camo options. Their semi-automatic handguns trade style for function and cost with a high-impact frame to survive drops and a heavy slide to cut down on failures. Each firearm has a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty with free repairs for the current owner. Click on a weapon to see which stores it's available at or contact us today.