Gulf Wax

Get the whole ball of wax - or in this case, a block of it - for your home by shopping at Farm and Home Supply. Gulf Wax by Royal Oak is a highly refined paraffin wax that has literally dozens of uses around the home and farm. Many folks use Gulf Wax as a canning wax, as it thoroughly seals jellies, jams and preservatives in open top containers. It's also a quality wax for candle making if you like the glow of homemade candles. But that's not all - you can use it for waterproofing wood, waxing skateboard rails, preserving flowers, lubricating sticky window tracks and so much more!

Add a block or two of Gulf Wax to your next order at Farm and Home Supply, or stop by one of our stores if you're in the area. Paraffin wax is remarkably inexpensive and lasts for decades, meaning you'll get more out of it than you can imagine. And since it has a melting point of 100 degrees, you can use it in most outdoor situations without needing to constantly reapply a fresh coat. Our staff can help every guy and gal think of more ways to make Gulf Wax products a part of their lifestyle!