Bells, whistles and all kinds of noise may be fine for things like parades, but that's not what you want when it comes to certain staples. Like T-shirts and socks. Here you want a no-nonsense, dependable, high-quality brand that makes your life easier.

Here's where you want Gildan. This company is known for its variety of durable and comfortable socks and T-shirts, and Farm and Home Supply makes sure you can get them at our shops.

We stock a selection of men's T-shirts, women's T-shirts and lineup of socks from this reliable brand, along with other must-haves like sleeveless tees and hooded and crewneck sweatshirts. The idea is to have all your staples covered, whether you need a shirt for layering, wearing solo or bringing along as a backup next time you're up at the lake.

Gildan socks are just as straightforward as the brand's shirts, although they provide the added bonus of locking in warmth without locking in odors. Outfitting your lifestyle is our aim here at Farm and Home Supply, and we say part of that outfit needs to include Gildan.
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