Your equipment engines need a reliable supply of fuel to stay running, and FILL-RITE transfer pumps are here to provide it. FILL-RITE is part of the Tuthill Corporation, which has been making industrial-grade pumps, meters and other rotating equipment since 1892. Their fuel transfer pumps are compatible with all sorts of fluids, including E15 gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, kerosene and of course regular pump gas. Furthermore, a FILL-RITE fuel pump is made of heavy-duty materials that won't rust and could be dropped off a building with no effect. (Not that we encourage this.)

Shop at Farm & Home Supply in-store or online for an assortment of FILL-RITE rotating pumps. We are proud to offer equipment fuel pumps that can be mounted directly to your tank and hand fuel pumps to gas up a tractor or truck from a larger drum. Make sure your fluid levels are normal with a digital turbine meter that can measure 18 different fluids within one percent of their true amount. It will always be a good time to gas up when you have one of their transfer pumps on hand.